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Dec 29 2011

Wut more werk?

I probably sound like a douche when I say this, but I really love my job. Especially the people I work with. I don’t know how to express how great GitHub is to be part of.

A typical night in The Danger Room

Tonight was one of those nights. Filled with scandal, debauchery, fur, porn, drinking… a typical night in our chat room. I’m not kidding here, it happens more than it probably should. But hey, I came away with two wonderful things:

It turns out, Melissa’s dad worked at Accolade when Bubsy came out, a game which probably had far more influence on my young impressionable mind than I’d like to admit.

A short time later, @bryanveloso gave me this gift:

Best. Job. EVAR. :bear: :heart: